All of our programs at Cox Preschool seek to teach children the importance of being polite, good manners and a respect for each other. We encourage the children to embrace each other, to be accepting of differences and to be helpful and compassionate.


Cox Preschool is open to all children between 2–6 years of age. Registration for the following school year typically begins in November and is ongoing throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to enroll their children for the entire school year. However, if space is available, a child is welcome to join our programs any time during the school year.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school at (609) 443-4473 or for more information and to set up an appointment for a tour.


hand paintingTwos

Our “Two for Twos” program offers a warm introduction to a child’s first experience away from home. The primary focus is on separation, beginning socialization skills and the exposure to a predictable, but flexible, schedule that allows imaginative play and beginning learning concepts to be introduced. Individualized attention, through one-on-one engagement with the teachers, allows each child to develop at their own pace. Children’s vocabularies are blossoming and interactions with teachers and peers help foster this growth.


The three-year-old program is a springboard for our pre-kindergarten program and focuses on individual, small and large group activities. Slightly more structured, language and cognitive concepts are integrated into the curriculum through music, crafts (emphasis on creativity and fine motor development), games, free/imaginative play and individualized academic instruction. Each child develops at his/her own pace and because there is a large range of typical development, individualized attention encourages each child to feel positive and to be challenged appropriately.


readingOur four-year-old program is a kindergarten-readiness program that challenges children to grow to their full potential and provides a solid foundation for their formal schooling both academically and socially. We encourage problem solving and want to get their creative juices flowing. While an ultimate goal is toward age-appropriate independence, the children are provided with close, supervised instruction that allows the children to develop at a pace that makes them feel confident and secure. Reading readiness and beginning math concepts provide a core emphasis. These concepts are enhanced with science, social studies, music, crafts, fine and gross motor development and indoor/outdoor free play. When entering kindergarten it is important to be able to transition into a structured setting. Having strong academic skills and confident socialization skills provides the groundwork for a successful start to kindergarten.